Tom Gumbleton: A Prophet Among Us? a documentary by Tony Gallucci

Tony Gallucci has been working on the Tom Gumbleton documentary since 2005; he met and interviewed Tom and others while creating a short video to save Catholic churches and schools in Detroit.

This is Tony's first completed documentary - He has started a few others but had never finished them. Tony felt God calling him to do this.

"I feel like I was an uneducated Catholic before this; I now have a much better understanding of Vatican II, the role of the church, and what we as catholics should be doing. Its been a struggle for me to complete this, as Tom works isn't done!

This 30 minute program doesn't fully capture the essence on Bishop Tom only some of the more recent events in his life. The documentary was created from a longer, 1 hour version (available on DVD), and shortened to fit the TV timeslot.

To truly understand Tom, you need to hear him speak in person. Many people who don't know Tom assumes he seeks the spotlight; the reality is he is fighting for what he believes in, and it brings the spotlight to him. Its been an honor to create this program on Tom. His humbleness, kindness, concern and his conviction are all inspiration to me. I've tried to start living my life more like him.

In the process I worked closely with Toms assistant, Sr. Rita Mary Olszewski, and miss her dearly since her death earlier this year. She was the spark; her passion for Tom's work inspired me as well!

Rita Mary would always let me know what Tom would be doing, where he was, and where he was going! If it had been up to Tom, this program would not have been made. Tom doesn't seek the spotlight, but in focusing our attention on the issues of our time: war, poverty, sexual abuse by priests - the spotlight finds him. "

Tony visited El Salvador 2 years ago with Bishop Tom and a group from SHARE; there he documented some stories about the 1980's war there, paid for by the US government.

"It was a powerful experience for me, and I will continue to document similar stories there and in other places like Haiti. I hope to continue to film Tom for as long as he lets me!"